My son, Alistair is one very good in studies overall but he never fared well in mathematics. Things became so bad that his teachers called us (my husband and I) and told us to get him prepared for a re-test and if he failed, he would be put back one grade. I was so worried and both us parents tried many teachers. Finally, 2 months ago we came across They sent one of their teachers over and promised a free class if we were not satisfied.
Obviously we started out very skeptical but after 30 minutes of the teacher and Alistair working together, I saw a shine in his eyes like he had when he was reading his favoutire book. I was filled with happiness. Mark scored 60% in last month’s test and scored an A this month. If you are a parent and looking for quality one-on-one home tutoring for your child in San Diego, you simply have to contact Better Report card Tutors. I think you will not be disappointed.
Best of Luck
Martha Giles