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Improvements to Windows 8

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by , 31st May 2013 at 11:01 PM (1917 Views)
Windows operating system had become a staple in households and offices around the world during the past 20 years but the customers were taken aback by the dramatic changes to Windows 8. This shift has agitated many users who wanted the option to launch the operating system in a mode that resembled the old setup.

Microsoft is going to provid this choice in Windows 8.1 (update for windows 8). However, Microsoft isn't bringing back the start menu on the lower left corner of the screen which was offered in very previous version of Windows since 1995.

Microsoft is hoping to quiet the critics by resurrecting an omnipresent Windows logo anchored in the lower left corner. Users will also be able to ensure their favorite applications, including Word and Excel, appear in a horizontal tool bar next to the Windows logo. Accessing apps outside the toolbar will still require using the tiles or calling them up in a more comprehensive search engine included in the Windows 8.1 updates.

As with Windows 8, the search bar can be found by pulling out a menu from the right side of a display screen. Rather than requiring a user to select a category, such as "files" or "apps," Windows 8.1 will make it possible to find just about anything available on the computer's hard drive or on the Web by just typing in a few words. For instance, a search for "Marilyn Monroe" might display biographical information about the late movie star pulled from the Web, a selection of photos and video and even songs she sang.

Anyone who wants to hear a particular song stored on the computer or play a specific game such as "Angry Birds" will just need to type a title into the search box to gain access within seconds.

In an effort to avoid further confusion about the operating system, Windows 8.1 also will plant a tile clearly labeled "helps and tips" in the center of the startup screen.

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