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Secure Your Password

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by , 28th May 2013 at 03:11 PM (1205 Views)
Secure Your Password

Safety of your Emails, banking and other online accounts is based upon the strength of your password and the strength of a password is based on its length, complexity and variation. The length of your password must be minimum or more than 8 characters long. Password must be complex and complexity can be created by using and combining upper-case, lower-case alphabets, numerical digits and special characters. You can shorten your password as short words are used now a days on social media and chats like “eksesgranted” instead of “accessgranted”. Avoid using dictionary words, mobile number, etc. Treat your password like your tooth brush. Don’t let anybody else use it and get a new one every three months.

If you find open and un-secured wi-fi signals, avoid signing-in any of your accounts because it might be a trap by someone who can steal your important and secret information. For your wi-fi devices try to use your own access point.

If you have to go to a public internet café for opening your E-mail, Facebook or any other account, try to enter password and username by using following trick because there may be a key-logger running to steal your information:

If the password is, for example, eksesgranted, you can enter it using following trick:

Type “sesgred” then using your mouse, click before “s” and type “ek” now click after “gr” using your mouse and type “ant”, you have typed “eksesgranted” but key-logger cannot steal your password now.

Another method is used that you can open a notepad beside the browser type different combinations of letters by switching between both windows and in any way can type your password.

You can check the strength of your password from following sites:

Password Checker (Microsoft)
This site will indicate the strength of your password as “weak”, “medium”, “strong” and “very strong”.

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How Secure is my Password
This site can tell you that if your password is attacked by a standard desktop computer, how much time will it take to ***** your password (seconds, minutes, days, months or years or even million/billion years).

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Use different passwords for different accounts because your password can be stolen from a less protected site and the hacker will use it on different sites and can access your very important information.


1. Password must be minimum or more than 8 characters long.

2. Password must include upper-case, lower-case, numerical digits, special characters.

3. Intentionally shorten and misspell your password as short/misspelled words are used in chatting.

4. Change your password maximum after 3 months.

5. Use different passwords for different accounts.

6. Avoid using other’s open wi-fi.

7. If you have to go to net café and have to open your accounts, try using above mentioned trick.

8. Check your password strength from above given links.

9. Don’t ask others to open any of your accounts.

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