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Islam Is A Religion Of Peace And Unity

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by , 15th September 2012 at 03:27 PM (2126 Views)
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A very nice article in Samaa news website i read today thought to share with you guys as well . Islam is about Peace not destruction . Its our right to protest but in a peaceful way not in such a way as this never represents Islam .

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KARACHI: The blasphemous U.S. film makers have tried to enrage Muslims world over but religious scholars in Pakistan have said that Muslims should not allow them to succeed in their ulterior motives as Islam teaches tolerance, patience and fair treatment in every situation, SAMAA reports.

A fanatic and unbalanced person made a movie, and uploaded that on YouTube, in which he has used condemnable ideas that have hurt feelings of the Muslims and have turned them angry but Islam is a religion that teaches peace and harmony.

Islamic teachings have spread through character and practical followings of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). These teachings rendered sanity and sense to the society. Islam has advised it followers that respect of humanity is the biggest act and it teaches us never to harm anyone’s life or wealth under any circumstances and not to spread unrest.

Voices are being raised across the globe against the blasphemous movie while majority of the West itself is also against this controversial film and they are not approving it which shows that not only Muslims but even non-Muslims are condemning the sacrilegious movie.

The Pakistan government has taken a good step by blocking those web sites which were showing that blasphemous movie. All these websites must be closed which are trying to dishonor Islam.

Pakistani citizens have also condemned the blasphemous movie overwhelmingly while the government of Pakistan is also on the same wavelength.

The religious scholars have said to the people in Pakistan that they should not to be angry over this blasphemous movie and not convert protests into riots.

Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, a renowned religious scholar, said that peaceful demonstrations were held against the blasphemous film and no one was hurt nor any property was damaged during the protests.

“We have to make our protests more coordinated and peaceful under the teachings of Islam. Non-Muslims living in Pakistan are supporting us in this protest and we shall treat them fairly under the teachings of Islam and it is our responsibility to look after their lives and belongings,” he added.

Mufti Muhammad Naeem, Principal of Jamie-e-Binoria in Karachi, said that Islam is a religion of peace and it does not allow at all harming anyone or damaging some ones property or belongings.

Harming someone or ruining property of people or the country is not the teaching of Islam, he added.

He urged the people to protest vigorously and continue it till needed but avoid harming others and damaging their belongings and property.

Refraining from violence is the core teaching of Islam and it is our duty to highlight a better image of Islam to discourage the blasphemous filmmaker, religious scholars said. - SAMAA

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