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by , 8th September 2012 at 12:03 AM (1083 Views)
Baba Jan Sarkar (Rehmat Ullah Elaih)

Your disciples mention you with love-filled intention
With that they gain strength; such is your mention

Well heighten, beautiful and serene face, what do we say
Such features, such identity; Itís only you we say

Your speech is so universal and your conversation,
No words for that, we are under such affection

When you conversed, we never felt tired though hours passed
Such moonlight from you, your methods were such illumination

We have buried our love you in our hearts as such,
Grand is your respect and grander the disposition

Your memory is a shower of blessings for us
Without it itís like in the desert
This is your view of grace on us
That, for you, we have such devotion

When I talk of you there is a blossoming inside
This Khizri garden may smile forever with exhilaration

So many enlighten hearts with your love within
Theyíll keep on lighting if thereís your consideration

I urge for an increasing power of pen to show your education
My poetry may effect on hearts, Iíll be your secret association

No complaints from anyone and I may remember your deeds
Stray may come to right path; with such integrity is your mention

My writing and poetry affect all wherever it stretches to
The anniversary brightens eternal, your nest at pacification

My life is the attendance to your threshold
The spirit of attachment is only because of your court association

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