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How to Open YouTube in Pakistan

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by , 3rd March 2014 at 12:47 PM (7544 Views)
YouTube is the largest video sharing website on the internet. People upload their favorite videos, movie clips, TV shows, etc., on this website as a registered user and unregistered users have the right to simply watch them. But due to some official reasons, the website has been banned for viewing in Pakistan by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Many YouTube lovers are thus unable to access. To make things easier for them, different methods are available to bypass the virtual obstacles created by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. This can be done by using proxy websites or softwares. Proxy websites can allow you to open up YouTube on any browser, just as Chrome, IE, Safari, etc., directly with a fast speed of streaming and easy usage. Of course, different softwares may need to be installed in the computer before they can help open up YouTube in that computer.

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Below are provided some of the ways to access YouTube in Pakistan:

1. Softwares like Hotspot Shield and Expat Shield can be downloaded for free from the internet. Running these softwares on the computer that wants to access YouTube enables users the access without any barriers. The method is simple:

a. First, download the software from the internet using the appropriate website.

b. Install the downloaded software on the computer that needs access to YouTube website.

c. Once its icon has appeared on the desktop or folder destination of installation, click on it. Your browser will open automatically and require you to wait for a couple of minutes. Then click on the next tab and open the YouTube website by typing in the address.

This is how softwares like Expat Shield can be used by YouTube lovers to access this banned website in Pakistan.

2. The second method of accessing such banned websites in Pakistan is the use of proxies. Proxy websites are sites that allow you to access banned or blocked sites using anonymous addresses. They are easy and simple to use and work well with all kinds of browsers. All you need to do is type the address of the proxy website into your browser and then use this website to open up YouTube. Hence it acts as an intermediary. Some of the popular proxy sites include following and may more:


These are the two easiest ways to access YouTube in Pakistan.

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