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Apple iPad 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

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by , 24th February 2014 at 09:02 AM (4561 Views)
The long infamous conflict between Apple and Samsung is about to be reignited as Samsung’s latest tablet Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 takes on Apple’s brand new iPad 3.
While going for either one of these, one must take a look at the individual features they offer, say hardware, camera and of course, design and built. In case you are wishing to own either of them, here is a contrasting take on these newly launched tablets.

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Apple iPad 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

The iPad 3 looks incredibly identical to the former iPad 2 to the point that when closed, one cannot tell the difference. With the exception of inclusion of home screen button nothing much has changed.
The Galaxy Tab however, is completely different from the former 10-inch Galaxy Tab. The device is smaller but with a larger expanse on a grey/silver bezel visible particularly at the sides.
As this is a choice based on perception, this is a draw.

Hardware End
The iPad 3 is embedded with a new processor chip A5X with quad-core graphics which is nearly four times faster than the Nvidia Tegra 3 chip.
On the other hand, the Galaxy Tab comes with a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor fairly similar to others of its kind in delivering a “good performance” for the Android platform and demanding apps and games.
Given the grueling tests and reviews, iPad 3 outperforms Galaxy Tab in virtually all areas making it the winner in this domain.

iPad 3 has done a superb job with the all new 9.7” inch, 2048x1536 pixels retina touch display that brings crisp colors with a sharper contrast.
Galaxy tab’s 10.1 inch, though bigger in size is not so much praiseworthy. With 1280x800 pixels and a 149 ppi pixel density on basic touch screen is nothing that catches the eye.
So, basically you get an IPS-LED backlit screen with 264 ppi pixel density on iPad 3 which knights Apple as king in this domain too.

Apple’s iPad 3 is laden with goodies for all user types. It has gone the extra mile on the camera deal. With the 5MP backlit illuminated sensor on the back and a VGA sensor on the front it is a treat for the photography lovers. There is image stabilization, the 1080p video recording; auto-focus and auto-exposure as add-on bonuses.
Galaxy Tab’s camera is not so attractive with only 3.15MP at 2048x1536 pixels. However, it has an LED flash with auto-focus, geo-tag, 1080p video capture and a VGA secondary.
As expected, Apple wins this round easily with state-of-the art camera.
As clear, Samsung has not put its best foot forward with the disappointing re-hash for the $249 it’s been placed at. It could have done so much better. However, Apple at $399 is a take away for its simply breathtaking features and tempting screen.

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