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How to Root your Android

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by , 23rd February 2014 at 09:06 AM (5209 Views)
Rooting your android device, whether smart phone or tablet, means that you are working to unlock its operating system like that in jailbreaking an iphone. This process helps the user to upgrade the OS, allow installation of a greater variety of applications and replacing of the firmware will be permissible and help in customization of almost everything in the device even the processor.
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However it is not a normal routine process. With its advantages comes a lot of risk factors as well. Some of problems that it can cause, if the rooting goes wrong include the following:

· Your device warranty will be considered void if gone back for repairs as a rooted device.
· It can lead to the situation called bricking the device meaning it will be locked and will serve no purpose or function.
· It may be more risky and vulnerable after rooting as security parameters will be changed.

Rooting your device may come with both pros and cons, but it is an ongoing process and there are many applications and softwares that are supporting of this activity. One such windows utility is called Kingo Android Root. This is a free program that makes rooting easy and quick. With just one click you can root and unroot your device. But it is vitally important that you must check the device’s compatibility first.

Four easy steps that can be followed to root your android device are as follows:

Step No. 1:
You must download the Kingo Android Root software and install it on your device.
Step No. 2:
Make sure that USB debugging mode of your device is fully enabled. For this you must go into settings, enter developer options and select the option for USB Debugging. Save these settings to enable the rooting process to go further.
Step No. 3:
You must now start the Kingo Android Root program on your computer or laptop and make sure that the device is connected with it using the USB or data transfer cable.
Step No. 4:
Once you have clicked the root tab, all you have to do is wait and watch the program do its wonder. It will at the end, reboot the device automatically and provide the rooted android device at the end.

This is how to root your android, easily and simply with just one click. The utility also gives you the option of unrooting by following the same process again and clicking remove root.

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