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Top Careers in Pakistan

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by , 18th February 2014 at 11:16 AM (3530 Views)
Although it requires very hard work, career building in Pakistan is not at all impossible. With the right set of qualifications and skills, you can opt for the job that best suits your interest and earns a handsome amount of money in return. Depending on the level of education and the amount of work required, the salaries are decided upon. Keeping in view the latest trends in the job market, here are some of the top ranking careers in Pakistan:
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1. Medical Doctor or Physician:
Ranked among the most dignified and honorable profession in Pakistan, doctors make a lot of money. Getting a job in this field requires completion of an MBBS degree from a recognized medical college. You can also specialize in the field of dentistry by doing BDS. There are options of working in a public sector hospital or a privately run facility. A doctor may also run his own clinic and earn lots of money.

2. Auditors and Accountants:
A career that requires lots of hard work and study is becoming an accountant or auditor by completing CA or ACCA Degrees. Both are internationally recognized degrees and require some level of professional article-ship before completion. You can get jobs at all kinds of auditing firms, banks, multinationals and local medium and large corporations.

3. Telecom Engineer:
One of the most thriving sectors of Pakistanís economy today is the telecommunication industry. Having a professional telecom engineering degree from a reputable and recognized university can definitely help you grasp a good job. With an average earning of more than Rs. 70,000 a month, this profession is growing and evolving with the industry. It has a bright future both within the country and abroad.

4. Marketing Managers:
Present here for a long period of time, this career has no end or boundaries. Starting from a common pin to a large building, everything requires some level of marketing and sales promotion. Hence, jobs of marketing are always are good option for high aiming youngsters. Having a Bachelors or Masters degree in Business Management is a plus point for this appointment. However, experience and the zeal and zest for doing something out of the box is a key to success in this field.

5. Civil Services:
Being part of the National Team as a qualified professional is a good career opportunity for those who aim high. Clearing the civil services examination can guarantee a good slot in the public sector.
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