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The Future of the Watson

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by , 15th February 2014 at 10:20 AM (3640 Views)
The Future of the Watson
The Watson is basically a computer that is capable of interacting with people. It doesn’t mean computers are posing a threat to the existence of people in the job industry, it means people working hand in hand with the computers through some form of a partnership. These machines offer great advantages to people, and a typical example would be cognitive machines that may help physicians to diagnose diseases as well as give them some form of professional guide or recommendation.

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Invention and innovation
In the course of its invention, the founders created a version of Watson Paths within IBM facilities, but later, they thought that it would be best to make the technology user friendly and easy to use, for its optimal potential to be realized. There being the need of a better graphical user interface. There was the need to involve IBM, hence the main reason as to why the Watson is basically considered a brain-child of IBM, to many that may not have been the actual fact.
This being as far as the Watson has reached, better plans are being considered to improve the performance of the Watson, such as holding debates with people and even participating in verbal and written communication. Moreover, they may be able to recognize images as well as draw distinguishing features between the images.
Remarkable benefits
Evidently, with the help of the right technology, this is one milestone in the medical as well as the industrial fields. This is what has made many investors pump their money into this, owing to the fact that the overall realizable benefits are also for their own good. Therefore it would be best to channel any available technological resources into this innovation as it would encompass many advantages in the long haul. Considering other areas with similar characteristics can be the start of yet another adventure. What may come into consideration now are areas like sustainable resource management, environment protection, material physics, agriculture, energy utilization, distant learning and many more.
However, some professionals put it that the Watson should not only be designed and trained to interact with doctors in ways that are most natural to them, but rather, also interact with patients, pharmacists, and many other professional types to get the maximum use and benefits. This is unequivocally true owing to the fact that the ultimate beneficiaries are the patients. Therefore, it is inevitable that the future of the Watson is of great advantage to the society. It would, in addition to relieving doctors of some of their chores, enhance better patient relation and services.
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