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Best Android Phones Of Year 2013

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by , 16th October 2013 at 10:50 PM (1375 Views)
Well getting the best Android phone is one of the biggest wishes of every single person. With the passage of time and as the technology world has been making improvements the demand for the Android phones have been gaining much more significance. They have always been remained as one of the most favorite mobile phones ever.
Well do you know that which are the top best Android phones of the year 2013? In the below article we will going to highlight the top best Android phones of 2013.


This is one of the top successful mobile phones of 2013. It is cheaper and is one of the fastest growing famous smart phones as well. It is almost 4.7 inches screen long and the memory capacity of the mobile is almost 2GB RAM. This mobile has been given much resemblance with the Iphone 5 as well. Its flash camera and finest features are the best specifications of this mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy has so far introduced many series but one of their top popular ones is the Samsung Galaxy S4. It is longer lasting in view of the battery with the sleek and stylish body. It if offering out the touch screen note pad along with the 14 megapixels camera too.

On the last we have another Android phone of HTC named as HTC Desire Series. This mobile has been remained as the center of attraction in the market because of the cheap rates, high quality perfection and wide range of services. Itís sleek and stylish with the smartest applications has been .

So these were the three top and best android phones of the year 2013! If you want to rule over your hands with the best Android phones then make the choice of any one of these right now.
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