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Ufone UPaisa Service launched

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by , 3rd October 2013 at 10:12 AM (2327 Views)
Ufone is one of the most leading and well known cellular networks of Pakistan. This network has gained huge fame and success in just beginning of its establishment. It has always thought about serving its customers with the height of easiness and convenience. This time Ufone has introduced “Upaisa” service for their patrons. Through this service the customers of Ufone will be allowed to make the branchless banking to the people. This will be helping the people to make the quick and easier financial transactions. Some of the main services included in this Upaisa service are Money Transfer, bills payment, and Mobile account.

Here we have the complete details about the Ufone Upaisa service along with its vital terms and conditions as well.

• This offer is intended by the Ufone but it is meant for offering the easiness to all the users of all the cellular networks.
• Here we would mention that the transfer of the money can just be made from mobile account to mobile account. It means that for making the transactions both the sender and even the receiver must have the Upaisa mobile account.
• The money can also be transferred all through the Mobile account to CNIC as well. For this option the users are not required to have their own Upaisa Mobile Account.
• Lastly another way of transferring the money is from CNIC to CNIC.
• From Rs.1 to Rs.2,500, the fee would be Rs.100
• From Rs. 2501 to Rs. 4,000, the fee would be Rs.150
• From Rs. 4,001 to Rs. 7,000, the fee would be Rs.220
• From Rs. 7,0001 to Rs. 10,000, the fee would be Rs.360

So if you want to make the money transfer easier then doesn’t worries because Ufone Upaisa has all arrive to make your task eased ones.

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