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Ufone Announced Industry's First Website Builder

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by , 3rd October 2013 at 10:10 AM (1780 Views)
Just few days back Ufone has arrived with the launch of their newest service that is known out to be the Industry’s first website builder. This offer is definitely one of the most successful in bringing up the revolutionary in the website and global world of internet. The main aim of this service is that all the way through this service the people belonging to the small and medium business industries will be able to launch out with their own professional websites. All they want to do is to follow up with the four simple steps for making their name in the internet world.

The Chief Marketing Officer of Ufone, Mr. Akbar Khan has stated that: “Ufone always aims at catering to the needs of their customers and facilitate them in the best way possible. We understand that it is often quite discouraging for individuals and small businesses to pay fortunes for website creation and maintenance. Keeping this in view, we have now introduced Ufone Business Website service so that our customers can afford to have an online presence.”

Through this service Ufone is quite assure with one fact that they have served the people of Pakistan with the unique platform on which the users have the choice of selecting their own website design with more than 400 templates. The customers will even be allowed to make the choice of any their own designs but it will be charged with the extra rates.

For carrying out the registration with the Ufone First website Builder service the charges will be Rs. 800 per year. In order to avail out with this offer the customers have to send an SMS to 5533.
So all the people out there if you have to wish to make your own professional website then just get registered with Ufone now!

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