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Google Digital Wallet App Announced for iPhone

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by , 2nd October 2013 at 02:30 AM (1165 Views)
As we all know that Google has always come up with great and remarkable applications for its android operating system and now it has made a plunge into the world of iPhones. From the sources, we came to know that Google has now introduced digital wallet application for iPhones. According to this application, you will be able to upstage your Apple gadget. Previously, iPhones used to have Pass book application and now this application is replaced by digital wallet application.

Advantages of digital wallet application for iPhones:
For the information of the readers, this Passbook and the digital wallet application for iPhones will make you to save your loyalty and will also enable all the users to search the coupons that offer discounts and other sorts of offers. If you are at any part of the world and want to know some appealing and attractive discount offers then you do that by availing this digital wallet application that has been revealed by Google. Through this wallet application, you will also be in a position to make online transactions. All only payment procedures and credit terms will be fulfilled by making use of digital wallet application if you are having an iPhone. This digital wallet application for iPhones will also be saving the payment details on Passbook.

The primary reason that why Google is pairing up with the iPhone market, because it wants to make an entrance in the consumer market of iPhones. With the introduction of digital wallet application, Google can do so and can easily make a plunge into this consumer world of iPhones. We are quite and rather sure that this application will be satisfying all the consumers of iPhones by showcasing brilliant performance level. This digital wallet application by Google has not yet arrived in the market, as soon as it gets launch, download it right away! You must also be amazed and happy to know that Google is also launching and revealing its new android version known by the name of Kitkat and it will be available in the upcoming smart phones from Samsung and HTC. Stay connected with us and we will be updating you on regular basis that what Google has next for you, it is a giant now and wants to be everywhere in this global world!

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