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Voice Xtreme v70 Review

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by , 23rd September 2013 at 12:45 PM (2279 Views)
Price and Specifications of Voice Xtreme V70

Voice Xtreme V70 is one of the new phones that has been launched and showcased by the company known by the Voice Company. This phone has massive features and applications and we can also say that this phone is combination and fusion of style and uniqueness. As we all know that it is a global world now and lots of mobile companies have now started emerging day by day to come up with best mobile phones, this is the only reason that Voice Company has also now launched and showcased its Voice Xtreme V70. Here in this post, we will be sharing the price and specifications details of this phone known by the name of Voice Xtreme V70, have a look at them:

Details of Voice Xtreme V70:
It has a Quad-core 1.2 GHz processor. The processor is cortex A-7.
Built in memory of Voice Xtreme V70 is 4GB
The ram of the phone is of 1GB.
Voice Xtreme V70 also a support of external memory card of up to 32GB.
Voice Xtreme V70 has a Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi as well as its main connectivity features and applications.
It has a screen of IPS QHD touch screen with 16M colors.
The screen resolution Voice Xtreme V70 is 540960 pixels.
The operating system of this subjected and particular phone is jelly bean 4.2.1 and for the information of the readers it is the latest android version.
Voice Extreme V70 consists and contain of a GPS function.
It has also SNS integration, MP3 player, facebook, youtube, whatsapp and much more as its other entertainment features and applications.
Price of Voice Xtreme V70 in Pakista is Rs.20, 500 and USD $199.
You can play games like Need for speed, Max payne and all other games on this Voice Xtreme V70
It has no issue problems with the Ram
It has a fast speed
It is an affordable phone

On the whole, if you are planning to try out some new mobile phone then you should try out this Voice Xtreme V70, it is user friendly phone that consist and contain of massive features and applications. Go for Voice Xtreme V70 and let us know your feedback after making use of it.

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