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What is VOIP?

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by , 17th September 2013 at 06:57 AM (942 Views)
VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is that kind of communication tool that will be combining all the systems of communication in one single place. It has been viewed that communication channels play an important part in large and small businesses. There are in need of suitable technology that might bring all these channels on one single platform. For these kinds of situations, we have this Voice Over Internet Protocol. For the information, this protocol will allow and permit you to make calls through only one medium of data network.
This protocol will divert all the calls on your personal phone as well as on the software. In other words, we can say that, you can make use of this Voice Over Internet Protocol in two ways.

Applications of Voice Over Internet Protocol In Small Business Units:

In small business units, this protocol will link up your phone calls, videos, data, files and applications in one single space. This protocol will be simplifying your business control procedures and will make them to run in a smoother way and manner. It is a user friendly and easy to run protocol and it is also quite and rather affordable.

Advantages of Voice Over Internet Protocol:
This protocol will save your money.
This protocol will allow you to get connected with your work and home place at one single time.
This protocol will be enabling you to have access on each and every information that you want.
If you want to add more phone calls in your business meetings then you can also do that by making use of this protocol.
This application will make you to have prompt and instant communication with your employees.
You will be having an online daily report that how many employees are available.
You can also make use of call forwarding application without paying any sort of extra charges.
Voice Mails is one of the benefits that you can avail from this protocol.
Long distance calls can also be made by utilizing this Voice Over Internet Protocol.
It also consists of caller ID application. This application will allow you to know that who is calling you and whether you want to receive the call or not.

On the whole, we can say that this application of internet protocol is one of the convenient facility that should be adopted by large and small business units.

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