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Life Is The Best School

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, 5th February 2013 at 12:46 PM (1754 Views)
Life teaches human a lot of things which includes respect, dignity, relations, behaviors and attitude so this is the perfect statement made in the context of a life is that it is the best school for an individual which will teach them several in fact all the various responses and styles of living. In life there are so many phases and different times which have its own teaching lessons for the respondent. Nothing in life remains the same, neither the age, nor the body and not even the relationships and the status of human being. So every new phase of life brings a new chapter of learning for the human beings.

There are so many relationships which an individual represents in a life, these relationships includes father, mother, son, daughter, husband, wife, friend, enemy, relatives and strangers. These all relationships have their own values and their own demands which and the humans has to fulfill to keep up them properly, so these phases teaches the human about the preferences and the priorities of the relationships. These are not being taught in the schools as only practical life demonstrates these implications of relational significance in life.

There are so many emotional changes and various situations seem in one's life which checks and which test the emotional ability and the emotional strength of the person. The biggest example of such emotional tests in life includes happiness, sorrow, success, failure, excitement, fear and thrill. All these emotions being demonstrated in a life and all have its own degree of intensity and demands and obligations, so life makes the human learn how to cope up with such situations and most importantly how to behave in such circumstances. If one is happier than how he or she should react, or if any sorrow or any grief being observed than how to patience? How to deal with the loss or failure and even if one is more successful than how to keep up your good form and how to behave in the winning situations?

These all are the phases and the stages of life which the people go through, and these are the same Phases which teaches a man be a man and even it states the need and process of evolution of a human being to become a social animal in the past several decades, so one should learn from their lives because this is more preferred and more effective than any educational institutions.
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