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Top 5 Free Online Backlink Checker Tools

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by , 11th February 2014 at 03:49 AM (4781 Views)

Backlink is most important term used in SEO. This is a way to join webpage and websites with another one. To get high traffic on website and get best results in search engine this is best technique. You must have create high quality Backlink on your site to get high rank in Google search engine. Today I am sharing with you Backlink checker tools.But before checking Backlink , you must have Backlink on your web site or blog. The tools which I am sharing with you not only check Backlink but before this guides you to have backlinks by connecting your site with another. So,Lets move to have a look on Top 5 Free Online Backlink Checker Tools.

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1. Ahrefs
If you are searching best online tool for tracking backlinks then Ahrefs is best. Optimization related data is analyze by this Backlink Checker Tools.This is best tool for backlinks.

2. Majestic SEO Tool

To learn more about blogging optimization and tools "Majestic SEO Tool" is best option. Like another backlink checker, this online also analyzing your blog, checks all backlinks and others SEO related score.

3. SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is excellent platform to check your blog performance, backlinks and regarded as best website for blog optimization. Jut by entering your Blog URl, you cal checks all backlinks about your website/blog. This is easy to use.

4. OpenSiteExplorer

OpenSiteExploree is favourite choice of webmaster and ProBlogger. This backlink checker has many faetures like Domain Authority, Page Authority. You can check Internal as well as External Backlinks to you blog by this tool.
5. BacklinkWatch

In order to check backlinks free without any software, Backlinkwatch is best online free tool. This is similar to Ahref. You can enter Url of your website and can check backlink This tool provide you total backlinks and outbound links.

If you know any other backlink checker tool, then mention in comments. Stay Blessed
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