Deputy Managing Director PIA, Captain Junaid Younus said that as a New Year Gift and the immense response by the traveling public within the country, fares of night coach has been further reduced from Rs. 6,666/- to Rs. 5,000/- (excluding Taxes).

He said that PIA is operating night coach flights with full load in order to facilitate the domestic travel by air as the Rail- Road services were not adequate to meet the traveling demand within the country.

Captain Junaid assured that the PIA management was adopting proactive policies for turning around PIA and making it an easy and affordable traveling option for the public. Such plans are in the pipeline and will soon be disclosed on becoming operational. He added.
He said that night coaches to Lahore and Islamabad are likely to fetch Rs. 3 to 4 million daily for the airline as well as provide affordable air travel within the country. Soon PIA would be announcing night coaches for Multan as well. He concluded.