We claims that absence of edcation is the sole problem of Muslims and if Muslims want to revive as a nation, they must focus on educating themselves in general and their children in special.

It might be a good idea but there is a fundamental flaw in the conclusion

1. If i want to start a business of sportswear, I will like to become Nike or Adidas one day. But when i start my business, it will be a horrible mistake if i compare myself with Nike or Adidas. Rather, if i want to learn from their experiences, I have to check out how they started not what they are today. Because examples must be put in correct perspective. Same, if i want to start a business of softdrinks, I will love to become Pepsi or Coke, but initially, I need to study how they started, not what they are today.

Same applies to the study of nations. Europe has got most of the scientific advancement, agreed. They have all the labs, educated (not cultured or civilised) people, quite right. But thats what they are now. When I want to study how they turned tables, I need to look into their process of revival i.e. 200 to 300 years back. So if you have some grip over history, let it be advent of communism or capitalism or islam, you will find one thing in common; first nations revive intellectually and all this advancement follows afterwards. I can elaborate this more if required, but if you study it by yourself, it will be even better.

2. Everything is linked with political system. Education, social system, judiciary etc. and that's why you will observe that political landscape of this country is always been under strict check of USA. Every other day, US officials visit this country and meet the VVIPs to ensure that there policies have been implemented correctly and if there is any change, then it can be conveyed to Pakistan Army and Political leaders quickly.

The idea of getting quality education is good, really good but how much is it practical? IBA is charging more than 4 lacs for MBA degree and even institutes which are not upto any standard like Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) is charging 2.5 lacs for MS and if you add the amount of BBA or BS, it will be a much large amount. Inflation, joblessness, poverty, law and order situation, and many more are pushing masses to go for suicide or adopt illegal means, and in such condition, how one can expect people to invest so much money in education. Frankly speaking, they don't have enough money.

Its the responsibility of state to regulate education and related matters. Fee structures, curriculum, scholarships etc are all defined by the governement. Just to share, education budget has been cut down 2.4% and scholarhsips to HEC have been reduced (i don't remember figures). Considering all these factors, it is a remote idea to call people for education as it is the duty of state, not people to educate people.

Moreover, have a look at the histroy of west in the same regard as mentioned in the first point. Did they educate theirseleves first and then revvived or was it other way around? Please study so you can have a better idea.

3. Seerah gives a really true understanding of how society is to be changed. Take Makkah, 13 years of struggle and still nothing, and then Madina, state was established and just in a matter of 10 years, Muslims had a break through. All the scientific advancement and technology maturity followed the establishment of state because it is the political system of state that gives direction and set regulations for education.

So, in a nut shell, our focus must be directed towards change, a revival, that will solve our problems by implementing Islam on the state and our matters will be dealt with what ALLAH SWT has ordered us.