Friends you may all know the purpose of creation of Pakistan. It was only only made to safe Islam and Muslims from non-Muslims. The purpose was to get a patch of land where Muslims can offer there prayers easily without any disturbance and fear. It was created to get a platform for muslims to practice their religion freely. But alas! the reason of creation of Pakistan is not being fulfilled even 5% according to me except the fact that we are atleast free to slaughter any animal without fear in Eid-ul-Azha. But except this Pakistan does not deserve the name "Islamic Republic". Nothing in Pakistan is worth being called as Islamic.

There are cinemas and hotels in each and every road no doubt Masjid are also present but the difference is that cinemas are always "House full", We stand long to wait for a table to get emptied in the hotel but the Masjids are empty even when are they are free. Our televisons specially do not look to be of an Islamic country from any point. There was a time when Musics were not played on Televisions during ramzan, muharram and some other Islamic days. And now a days even during Ramzan loud music and even songs are not stopped. Our Models when they walk on ramp simply do not any any islamic accent in them, Our so called "Muslim" designers design such dress that I don't want to comment, Ok if you do not want to wear hijab or cover your head then plz atleast take a look at what kind of dress are you wearing. Each and every kind of european dresses are now a days are wore now a days. The songs that our television play are just of low morals.

Not only in television but in real life also in big cities none of the girls are worth being called a Muslim, None a boy can be called a Muslims, speaking openly having girl friends and boy friends is a reason of proud now a days but do an one think that our islam is against such things, drinking Sheesha and cigerette is considered modern even in girls do anyone think that it is forbidden in Islam. We have opened bank system in this ISLAMIC REPUBLIC do anyone thinks that this is against Islam, Our law also is not as our Islam says. And now I have recently heard that they are also picking hamd and naats out of the course, we do have science, math, urdu and english periods atleast 8-9 times a week but Islamiat period is being ahrdly held 2-3 days.

Nothing is worth being called an Islamic. We do take interests, we do go to cinemas, we do not offer prayers and think of Islamic people as Backwark then what is the reason of calling Pakistan an ISLAMIC REPUBLIC.