As you now that the world have been converted into a global village just because of the introduction of internet, and now a days each and every thing is being successfully done online from games to business works, trading to marketing, entertainment to education and religious education all are carried out online now a days. Some of the webs have also affiliated there webs with some universities of there area, thus while sitting in one end of the world you can have a degree of some other place. Video calling system on the web has more over promoted online education. Now a days you may have a proper class of yours while sitting at your home through online video calls.

No, doubt online education is very very good thing, specially for the disabled ones for whom going out to the colleges/universities is not that much easy. Also some webs have just explained lectures of the topics that we need for our college work, so we can get help from them. You may do online courses of anything you want, many of the courses are present at too. These online courses specially helps you because sometime you may not be able to find a coaching center near to your homes at some places. The best point of online education is that children while sitting on the internet would not waste there time, this time will gain for them a great gift. Internet has a lot of lot of information in it, as my Dad once said "This is a full treasure of knowledge the more your search and read more and more you get." and thats true you search for one thing and while reading your required search you are going to have many more.

But as each and every thing has a good side as well as the bad one too, so has the online education. Except for disabled persons who can't go out this system is making the youngs very much idle and lazy. According to me they should be allowed to go out of the homes so that they may make good friends, they may be active and look around the world they are living in. Every thing is now being carried out on the net and people are just getting more and more lazy. Except this I don't think there is any bad effect of online education.