Today I want to discuss a very common and very big problem of muslims i.e FIRQA WARIAT Just think for a little time friends Islam was came to make people from all parts of the world one, it removed all the practices of caste,color,creed,sects and differrent divisions of people into clans. And what we muslims are doing now a days, do we feel a very very liitle of shame while dividing Islam into different sects. Some of us have so much indulged in this bad thing that some of us have even separated there Masjids . Just think yarr we are all one we are brothers and sisters we are all muslims no one is christian or hindu that we are separating our Masjids,Sunni's do not offer prayers at wahabi's masjid and nor does brailvi will in sunni's masjid behind sunni molvi why? Just shame on us all. I ask have anyone of you ever asked the Moazzan of kaaba that of which sect he is, do anyone who goes for pilgrimage looks here and there for around whom is he offering prayer, if we can all be of just one sect during Hajj in Kaaba then why not in our own country.

There is a hadis, Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) said"The people before you had 72 sects and my ummah will have 73 sects(i.e 1 step forward from them) but only one of them will got o Jannah and all else will go to Hell." Sahaba asked which one sect it will be Prophet S.A.W replied the one which will be on the religion of ALLAH and his Prophet.... Now you can surely clearly think that which one sect is of ALLAH. No sect because there is no division in islam, he do not belive in sects, who offer prayers at any masjid behind any molvi without asking about to which sects they belong, the one for whom islam is not division but unity will surely go to jannah and he who divides islam is surely eligible for the hell. The one who believes in all Messengers and books of ALLAH and the one who just follows QURAN and SUNNAH will go to jannah.