Most of us get our fajr prayers missed just because we are not able to wake up from the beds. I have read a very beautiful sentence at some place “If You Think Of Your Self As Strong Try Lifting Up Your Blankets For Fajr.” We do usually say infront of people that we are strong but of what use our strength is if we cant even lift up our blankets. I know it’s very much difficult but these some points not must but may help you in waking up for fajar.

1. Whenever you set an alarm never place your mobile or any other alarm device near to atleast keep it that much far that you have to get out of you bed to make it off. Because when we keep it near to our pillows we just put them off and sleep again because our sleep is not much disturbed in that case.
2. Do drink a lot of water while sleeping at night at least you must start drinking a glass or 2 daily at night so that you will must have to wake up from your beds and when you do wake up do come back after doing ablution(wudu). And if you have done wudu then nothing is difficult in offering namaz.
3. While you are at bed getting ready to sleep, do recite the dua of sleeping (ALLAHUMA BISMIKA AAMOOTU WA AHYA) and say to your self that you have to wake up at 5o’clock(or the fajr time) plus pray to ALLAH to make you wake up for your prayers and he will surely help.

Our intensions should be right and ALLAH will surely help+ if you do offer your fajar prayers than plz do keep in mind to fulfill your others 4 prayers too so that ALLAH helps you to wake up the next morning too. And those students who wake up all the night for there studies do sleep at night and do your studies after your fajar prayers it is the best time for the brain to learn something.