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    You may about the importance of water in our lives but I am going to tell you a little more. As we all know water is very very very much important as 72% of adult body is made up water in the form of cytosol solution in our cells and at the time of birth the baby's body is upto 80% of water. And also we know that water covers up 70% of the earth's surface too so there much be something special in it that Allah have made it in such a large amount. An adult can drink upto 3 gallons of water in a day but should not be drank that much as it causes water intoxication then, as nothing is good after limits.

    But we should atleast drink 8 glasses of water daily, but it is not important to consume it in the form of liquid water only you may have it in the form of juice, soup and also in the form of fruits and vegetables as many vegetables contain a large amount of watre in them. Do not drink excess of water as execc of anything is not good. Water is very much beneficial for our body, it helps keeping our blood pressure normal because lack of water thickens our blood making it difficult to circulate. It also helps in metabolism of many substances specially during respiration, it keeps our lungs moisturized making breathing easy for us. It help to detoxify our body, it keeps our kidneys functional. And now the researchs have revealed a new fact about water is taht is also antiaging in its effects, it helps to avoid wrinkles on your face. Water also helps a lot in thermoregulation, as compared to other liquids, vapourization of only 1mm of water lowers the temperature of our body by 1 degree.

    But as mentioned before excess of anything is not good so is the case with water excess of water may effect your brain. Also dehydration causes many problems e.g it may cause cramps, it causes one kind of headache migraine, it make our skin very much dry and rough, it causes tiredness, dehydration also cause piles and severe constipation, it effects kidney very badly. So do take care of consuming water daily and also do not use it vary much as it also starts accumulating in our tissues causing ruptures to it. So take care of your selves and MAY ALLAH KEEP YOU ALL SAFE AND HAPPY (AMEEN).
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