This is the article about the 7 day(will be held upto 17 mar,2013) snow festival at swat by the help of PAK Forces and PTDC"Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation". After restoration of swat from some terrorists by a succesfull operation by our Brave Pak Army the Operation "Raah-e-nijat" this festival is being celebrated annually to improve the foreign tourism in Pakistan especially in swat because the terrorist activities happening there had effected the tourism of that place a lot. Our Pak forces is helping out very much in the event as well as in other matters to help improve the tourism there. Also in the festival a very much amount of money is being invested by our Pak Army.The place Malam Jabba at swat is the highest ski slope of Pakistan with the slope of 800m the second being at naltar and third one at Kalabagh, Nathia gali. There are just these 3 ski spots in Pakistan and major programs of sking were usually held at malam jabba. But after terrorist activities these ski progrmmes were also stopped as well as the famous hotel there where skiers used to live was also destroyed.

But now the air had a new feeling. The snow festival is in and everyone there had a smile on there faces. The event was inaugurated by a Norwegian Ambassador by hoisting a flag written "SKI AND SWAT IN SWAT" There are many games for you to play. the main and especiall games are Paragliding and the native game SKIING. There are speciall arrangements for childrens and also for women to enjoy the event and play the games. Live musical evenings, tobogganing, making of snow mans, snow trekking, coaching classes for snow trekking and gliding and many other things are present to attract you and tourists to the place.

No doubt this effort has not gone waste because it is attracting very much tourists towards itself not only foreign people but also people all over Pakistan are trying to get into the festval to enjoy the beautiful shining white snow, to go down through this beautiful snow and to enjoy skiing at Mallam jabba. Every facility is available here and especially nothing is less for skiing rollers,skates,ski boards, chair lifts every thing is available.

So what are you waiting for just put your clothes specially jackeyts into your travelling bags and rush to swat, do not miss to enjoy the beautifull, breathtaking scenic valleys of swat in this colorful festival. MAY ALLAH KEEP SWAT AND PAKISTAN HAPPY ALWAYS.