As we all know basant season is in and we all love flying kites, celebrating it, enjoying it fully but there are some points that are against this event and will always be however we oppose these points. Every year there are a lot of deaths in Basant and government have to ban the celebrations of basant but if we change ourselves and take care of just some points we can make it very much enjoyable without any loss or bad incident.

1.Material Deadly Wires: the first and foremost reason that the goernment bans the basant is the use of material wires covered with glass. many people get their necks cut while riding on there bike or cycles because they are in full speed and from some where a deadly wire comes and attacks sirectly. Even the people who ue them also know how bad these wires are as they themself get wounds on there hands while flying kites using them. SO PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE DEADLY MATERIAL WIRES.

2.Air Firing: Dont know why but our people specially of KPK love doing aerial firing at any happy occasion. Similar is the case in some places at lahore also at everyhappy news there are just firing everywhere. No doubt they are aerial firing but we know these aerial firing are also deadly at times, as we all have heard many news of people getting killed in aerial firing. SO PLEASE DO NOT DO AERIAL FIRING AND DO NOT SPOIL THE JOY OF THE EVENT.

3.Do take Care While Flying on Roofs/terraces: In Lahore especially many many childrens just fall off from there roofs while flying kites themselves or enjoying it with there elders. Many times our roofs are not guarded with railings and at many times there are just small walls are made. So first of all please make the guard railings and do take care of you childrens while.

4.Electricity problems: Never fly in bad weathers and near electricity wires or poles. Because the wires become conductive during stormy weathers, and you will do bad to yourself. SO PLEASE DO NOT FLY KITES NEAR ELECTRIC POLES.

Basant and even every season, every event is made for fun but our attitudes make them bad at times do enjoy basant but keep in mind do take care of you prayers PLZ PLZ PLZ DO NOT USE METAL?CHEMICAL WIRES. take care of your selves and take care of others around you, and enjoy the season.