Friends just heard int he news that MQM is doing protests againt the attack in the houses of christians society in Lahore??? IMAGINE, Karachi people doing protest in Karachi for the houses of Lahore but the same Karachi people doing nothing for there own houses and lives???? is it not just a politics, They do not give an ear to what ever happens there and are doing protest against Lahore incident. Just a day or two before there was a terrible blast at Karachi in Abbas town, in which hundreds of lives were gone and many houses were destroyed nothing for it and a protest for lahore houses.

Plus Dr.Sattar says in an arrogant ways that the punjab government has to resign for this incident. Again Punjab shoud resign for the destroying of 100 houses and Sindh government should be kept glued to there seats because they brought very much colours in Sindh, The colors of the blood of our Karachi people. Should not they them self resign do not they feel even a bit of shy while pointing out others when they themselves are failed to employ any peace there. There's a famous saying "APNE GIREBAAN MAIN JHANKNA" to which they simply do not follow.

Fellows I will again request you all to please do give the votes because your one vote is surely going to make a change, and please give to the person who really can save Pakistan from the present crises.