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This is a discussion on RAISE YOUR VOICES within the Articles forums, part of the IT Cafe category; 1.jpeg And what is the condition of Pakistan now a days?? First of all most of the people in us ...

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    And what is the condition of Pakistan now a days?? First of all most of the people in us are just involved in giving lectures to others and not doing anything by themselves. Look at the condition of Karachi what is happening there, at-least at-least 14 persons are dead daily, no one cares, at least one bomb blast in a month or two, no one cares, every business man even a RAIRI WALA have t pay "BHATTA" and no one cares. They themselves don't raise there voices for there rights and nor even we for our brothers. The reason is we ourselves are dead, we do not feel anything when our brothers are cruely killed, we do not feel anything when we listen our mothers,sisters and daughters crying tears of blood for there fathers,sons and husbands. We just hear news of 14 or 15 or 17 persons dead get a sigh and alright, sometimes when there is a bomb blast at some place if we get a news of 4 or 5 persons are dead we claim "Thanks God there is not much damage" but have you ever pondered for a minutes what that 4 or even 1 person means fro his family?? What if 1 only 1 of any family member of yours gets damage. You will surely feel it bad and nothing for our Karachi brothers no feelings for them??

    If they have not enough power to raise there voices is not it our duty to raise our voice for our brothers and sisters. What lesson and what morals are we giving to our children, have you ever thought how badly it effects the soft mind of children. Full time firing, every day news of dead people. And then we say why are there Talibans?? What will a child become if he do not gets his father's affection just because of some stupid,cruel, actions taking place every day. We have just gave it a title of target killing and that's all our duty is complete. Every day an "UNKNOWN" person comes and kills our fathers and brothers away and we just title it as target killing and alright. Why we are never able to catch these UNKNOWN killers, how is it possible that these UNKNOWN persons are spreading terror and cruelity all over Karachi and no eye is looking at them no one can throw them into the jails. Then why are these jails made for? WAKE UP brothers WAKE UP it is the time to wake up or else we are going to lose them all and if you not then just wait and watch because now just Quetta and Karachi are in the red eye but the next number may be yours.

    We are going to destroy and finish our world by just watching at the cruelity without doing anything.

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    good post

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