How to earn from blog

The good thing is that making blog is absolutely free of don't need to spent a single penny for this purpose....there are lots of sites where you can create free blog but blogger is the best one. so get sign in with blogger..make your account and start now..

Selecting a topic for your blog:-
Its really an important part..if your topic and posts attracts other you will generate more traffic day by be careful while selecting which topic you are goin to must have enough knowledge about that.

if you are passionate about any thing like cars,movies,music,cooking and you have vast knowledge about it..start your blog with this.

how to earn from a blog:-
this is really an important part ..if you are making blog for earning purpose be really need interesting and original posts for that.
There are a range of Advertising sites that have the codes to add to your site and here are a list of some of the best ones that probloggers use on their blogs

  1. Kontera.
  2. Google Adsense.
  3. Chitika.