Asalam U Alikum
All mobile developers and mobile app advertisers. Here is an opportunity to increase your mobile app reviews. Share your mobile apps on this forum community and exchange reviews with each other. This forum users can exchange reviews with each other threw private massage or inbox.

Here are some rules must follow for active reviews:

  1. Download the app and try it. Take your time and thoroughly try out the app or game.
  2. The length of a review has to be at least 10 words.
  3. You must send 2 screenshots. On the one hand a screenshot of the app running and on the other hand a screenshot of the review.
  4. The review has to be truthful and contain good content. It is not allowed to copy and paste the same text for different reviews neither to copy the description of the app in order to use it as a review.
  5. It is mandatory to have the app installed on the device for at least 5 days.
  6. You should not rate more than 10 apps a day.
  7. Do not give 5 stars to all the apps you are reviewing. Give 3,4 and 5 stars for example.
  8. After you download and try the app, write reviews only after some minutes. Dont write the reviews immediately after downloading it.
  9. Download other google play apps without reviewing them to make it look natural.
  10. Wait some minutes between each review. Dont send several reviews in a short time period.
  11. VERY IMPORTANT: If your reviews are being deleted by Google, please replace your google account with a new and fresh account.