Learn English in Urdu is an Android Application, an effort of Mobile Tin, which is designed with the purpose to teach basics of English to the beginners. The core features cover all the aspects of English learning in Urdu to clear the English words along their meanings and all the crucial English sentences that a user wants to learn on daily basis. The star feature of this App is the audio for each word and sentence that is added to help in making the pronunciation of user better.

Main Features:
Other learning features are added to which are of paramount importance and has significance impact for the learning of any beginner.
  • Conversational and wide range of vocabulary words is included.
  • All English tenses and other English grammar.
  • Simple to use User interference
  • Many Applications are available on Google Store, in reach of users but this Application is easy in use, and has many features, which makes it different from other App included on Play store.

Download Learn English to Urdu and learn the basic of English language in your local Urdu language in no time.