Urdu to English dictionary is an android app through which user can enhance their English vocabulary. The essence of this app is to provide the complete range of Urdu words with English meaning thorough which any one can learn English terminologies from basics.
Following are the distinctive features of this app.

Distinctive Feature of this App:

  • Home feature allows the user to select the word of their desirable language and find their meaning in English to Urdu or in Urdu to English.
  • Thesaurus is another distinctive feature of this app which facilitates the user to select the Urdu alphabet of their own choice and find out all English words starts from that that Alphabet.
  • User can listen audio voice of all English words which helps them to correct their pronunciations
  • Urdu key board is another option which helps user to write Urdu word in an easy manner by changing the mood of dictionary.
  • Auto search option enlist all related words which user want to explore and user can search the desired word in a quick time.

Download this app for free and enhance the English vocabulary in a quick time.