It is said that reciting Surah Kahf on the bless day of Friday imparts significant virtues for the believers. In Islamic sacred narrations, it is stated:

“Whoever reads Surah al Kahf on the night of Jummah, will have a light that will stretch between him and the Ancient House (Kabah).” [Al-Jaami]

For those Muslims who are seeking to attain the virtues related to the divine verses, they should download Suarh Kahf in Urdu translation for better understanding and comprehension. App incorporates entire Surah with translation, transliteration, and audio recitation word by word. Surah Kahf is a sacred chapter of Quran, which safeguards from the pungencies of Dajal (Anti Christ) at the day of reckoning.
Reciting this reverend, Surah on the day of Friday enlightens the heart and path of the recitor and guides him towards the righteous path. Download this Smartphone application and grasp the sacred virtues on the blessed day of Friday as Ibn Mardwiyah Al Daiya said that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) narrated in Hadith stating:

“Whoever reads Surah al Kahf on Yaumul Jummah, he is immune for 8 days from all fitnah that will happen. When Dajjal comes out, he will be immune to him.” [Al Mukhtaar]