1. Open your 3210 and install VIBRA motor
2. Copy nsek13.dll and nsek13en.dll and paste
it to Desktop
3. From Desktop, rename nsek13.dll into nse8.dll
and rename nsek13en.dll into nse8en.dll
4. Cut the two renamed files and paste it to
your WinTesla directory
5. Edit Tesla.ini and include following lines:

Products=0503206,0503594,(put other product code)

Save Tesla.ini
6. Run WinTesla and Connect 3210 to MBUS cable
7. Open NSE-3 Manually and WinTesla will detect
your phone and load it with your modified
NSE-8 dlls
8. Go to "Product Profile" and activate
Red Menu <Change to "Visible">
UI Board Menu <Change to "Enable">
9. Click on "Save" and Exit WinTesla
10. Now your 3210 has vibra alert!

DISCLAMER: The above process may erase Personalized
phone settings such as Composed Ringertones
and logos...