A hobby is an activity that a person does for pleasure and not as his regular business.It invigorates both our body and brain.It breathes a new life into the lethargic and lazy brain.shakespeare says,
"Sweet recreation barred what doth ensure,
But moody and dull melancholy"
What does he want to say is that without some hobby life becomes dull and boring.Today,man lives in the world of struggle and efforts.He has to work from dawn to dusk.Physical and mental exertions leave him utterly exhausted.The constant drudgery of daily routine rusts his talent and efficiency.He needs some leisure to lessen his burden of monotony.He needs some pleasant activity to sooth his perturbed feelings and troubled soul.These activities are called hobbies.A hobby may also be defined in the words of Robert Browning,
"I want to know a butcher paints,
A baker Rhymes for his persuit,
Candle-stick maker much acquaints,
His soul with song ,or, haply mute,
Blows out his brains upon flute."
Gardening,fishing,hunting,walking,gossiping and walking are some famous hobbies.My hobby is stamp-collecting.I collect new as well as old stamps.It is some years back that one of my uncle presented me an album of stamps.Since that time,i have added three more.Now, i have four albums of stamps.Each album consists of one thousand stamps.
Some people think that stamp collecting is an expensive hobby.But this hobby of mine has really cost me nothing.I have never bought a single stamp from a shop.Benjamin Franklin says,
"Beware the hobby that eats."
My uncle works in a big house.He also brings me home stamps from different countries of world.I have pen friends from all over the world, with whom i exchange stamps.They also ask me curious questions about my country.I also get stamps free of cost from my friends,relatives and neighbours.I have to learn manners and traditions of different countries.I have also a good relationship with the post master of our area.He also supplies me a variety of stamps.
I see the pictures of birds and animals which i have never seen.Kings,queens,writers,great inventioners and poets of higher also pass before my eyes.Sometimes, special stamps are issued on special occassion.I get them and preserve.Though, stamps are issued by the pakistan Postal-service off and on, I can see the Pakistan being born before my eyes.Through these stamps, i can travel into the past.
Whenever i feels myself upset, i open my album of stamps and enters into a wonderland.Soon i feel fresh and revived. Jame wolf says,
"There is more to life than work.
A hobby is an outlet to relieve tension."
I feels very happy for adopting this hobby.It is a source of joy for me.It is a royal hobby.Johnkeats says,
"A thing of beauty is a joy for me."
For me stamp collecting is a thing of beauty and so a joy for me.