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CLASS 10 -- ESSAY : Students and politics

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    CLASS 10 -- ESSAY : Students and politics

    Students and politics:

    Students is involved in politics-wastage of time, money and careers-politics in college is a hot bed of regional and national political manipulations-politicians use students for their selfish interests-college and university elections become the success tools of major political parties-youth not being directed towards positive career building-legislation needed-only healthy political activities should be allowed to continue-only serious students should join political activities. The political stage of our country is fraught with many complicated issues.
    The educational schedules take a backseat and struggle for power takes ugly proportions in many cases. Why students take to politics? For example, why should there be elections in an engineering college whose students are unlikely to join a political party? The student of arts and politics are likely to be interested in this profession. But wastage of time and energy is an important issue. This wastage leads the students to ill-planned careers as they suffer on account of their poor performances on the academic front. However, only some of students join active politics later.
    The politicians milk them during their college days and leave them without any career when they join a political party. After all a social worker of a political party remains a social worker. However, he has no support from his party of building his future or even for meeting his basic needs. He has to take up a profession or a vocation in order to survive. When the studentís leaders are elected in the college and university elections, they take their commands from their political bigwigs.
    Boys and girls, who are not adept at getting a decent job, are made vice president, president and secretary of a student union. They do not know what they are saying to the students as their words are the cooked up words of the politician who guides them. Their actions are controlled by the instructions from offices of the major political parties. Political events in the educational institutions lead to violence, destruction and colossal wastage of money.
    It has been observed that political science is studied by the students of arts for pursuing their graduation or post-graduation courses in the arts stream. However, all these students end up with jobs of clerks and peons and political affiliations are cut off in the interest of the survivals. Then, why study political science if it is not going to develop the students as political trendsetters of future? Political affiliations are always welcome. But this should happen only after the minds of the youth have become mature. The young minds must be able to think about to join.
    So, there is no need for linking politics with educational institutes. This would help the state maintain healthy environment in the educational campuses. We must conclude that politics and students must be separated in the interest of healthy political growth of the nation. The students of today are torch bearers of the national progress in all spheres. Their tender minds must be trained carefully so that they are able to assimilate the political ideologies in the right perspective. Further, they must remain responsible to their parents and families during their educational stints and much more committed when they join active politics after completion of their education.
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