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physics objective notes for class 10th (Information Technology)

This is a discussion on physics objective notes for class 10th (Information Technology) within the 10th forums, part of the Classes category; Pasban Science College Khuiratta Short Answer Questions CH≠20 : Information Technology (Physics for class 10th ) Prepared by Mr Qaisar ...

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    Thumb up2 physics objective notes for class 10th (Information Technology)

    PasbanScienceCollege Khuiratta
    Short Answer Questions
    CH≠20 : Information Technology
    (Physics for class 10th )
    Prepared by Mr Qaisar Aslam

    Q≠1. Define IT?
    The scientific method of storing ,arranging informations for proper use and to communicate them to other is called information technology.

    Q≠2. Name some main sources of communication now-a-days?
    Mobile phone , fax machine , computer and internet are the main sources of communication. By these devices informations are transmitted in the form of sound , picture and computerized data.

    Q≠3. Define telecommunication?
    The method that is used to communicate informations to far off places instantly is called “Telecommunication”.

    Q≠4. Briefly explain mobile phone?
    Mobile phone carries a radio transmitter and radio receiver which send and receive the message in the form of radio waves?

    Q≠5. What is the latest form of telephone?
    The latest form of the telephone is the photo phone or video phone.It is the height of electronic communication that users can see the picture of each other by using these phones.

    Q≠6.How can sound be sent to far off areas? OR
    Why sound waves are converted into electromagnetic waves?
    The speed of sound in air is just 1246 km per hour and it cannot go far away from its source . Therefore it is converted into electromagnetic waves so that they can be sent to far off areas with the speed of sound/

    Q≠7. What is the function of transmitter and receiver in mobile phone?
    Transmitter converts the sound into radio waves and sent these radio waves which are received by mobile receiver which convert the radio waves into sound.

    Q≠8. Write two main differences between telephone and mobile phone?
    (1) In telephone, signals are transmitted along a wire to the receiver but mobile is wireless.
    (2) In telephone, signals are transmitted in the form of electrical pulses and in mobile phone signals are transmitted in the form of radio waves.
    Q≠9. What is the function of telex machine?
    From book
    Q≠10. What is the function of fax machine?
    Fax machine first gets the reflection of document like Photostat machine , changes into electrical signals and then send it from one place to another.
    Q≠11. What is the main difference between fax and telex machine?
    In telex machine before sending the document it has to be typed on telex machine but fax machine first get the reflection of document so there is no need to type the document in fax machine.

    Q≠12. Who invent the radio?
    Marconi an Italian scientist invents the radio.

    Q≠13.What is the function of tunning circuit in radio?
    By using tunning circuit we select the station waves of our own choice.

    Q≠14.What is the function of amplifier?
    Amplifier is used to boast up the signals.

    Q≠15. What is the function of loud speaker in radio?
    Loudspeaker is used to change the electrical signals into sound.

    Q≠16.How picture is completed on a colour TV?
    A colour TV consist of three tubes or electron guns .One of them makes red second makes green and third one makes blue picture .These are the primary colours of light .All other colours are alternate by mixing these colours and then the picture is completed on the screen.

    Q≠17.What is the function of TV tube and loudspeaker in TV?
    TV tube is used to display the picture part of audio video signal and loudspeaker is used to receive the audio signal and then convert it into sound.

    Q≠18. In TV why cable is preferred instead of broadcasting?
    Because of high quality picture and sound , cable is preferred instead of broadcasting.

    Q≠19. What is a computer?
    Computer is an electronic device which after analyzing and arranging the given information presents it in a very short time.

    Q≠20.What is a mouse?
    The different functions of keyboard are controlled by a special instrument is called mouse.
    Q≠21.Name the input and output devices of computer?
    The input devices of a computer are keyboard and mouse .The output devices are monitor, floppy disc, CD and the attached printer.

    Q≠22.Why computer is used in every department now-a-days?
    Due to fast working of computer , accurate solution of the given information , large memory and capability of driving results , it is used in every department.

    Q≠23. What is CPU?
    It is a type of a brain of computer which performs the whole job. This part comprises of control unit and a memory unit.

    Q≠24. What is a super computer?
    The most powerful and swift computer which can sent an information in one thousand billions part of a second is called super computer. It contains many processor.

    Q≠25. What is internet ?
    Internet is a system by which we can know the global conditions within no time.
    Q≠26. What is meant by internet society?
    From notes

    Q≠27. What is E-mail?
    From notes.

    Q≠28. What is meant by protocol?
    A computer linked with internet use uniform communication process and same code. In the internet terminology it is called protocol whose name is TCP/IP.

    Q≠29. What is the function of TCP/IP?
    TCP/IP is an abbreviation of transmission control protocol/ internet protocol .It controls the transmission and transmits a small portion of the information at a time.

    Q≠30. What is HTML?
    From notes.

    Q≠31. Write down two uses of internet?
    From notes.

    Q≠31. What is remote control system?
    An instrument which controls the functions of a TV and other electronics machines without any cable connection is called a remote control system.

    Q≠32.What is the purpose of photo transistor attached with lens in TV?
    Photo transistor identifies the infra-red radiations and sends them to a circuit which decodes the binary signal and issues the order accordingly.

    Q≠33. Write down the names of storage devices?
    (i) Audio tapes (ii) Video tapes (iii) Floppy disc (iv) Compact disc
    (v) Laser disc (vi) Hard disc

    Q≠34. What is compact disc?
    It is a digital disc having a pit pattern, which comprises of billions of pits of varying lengths and space set on a shinning disc. Their arrangement depends on the variation of sound . It is called compact disc.

    Q≠34. What is a floppy disc?
    Floppy disc is made of flexible plastic which is coated with ferromagnetic compound and housed in a protective jacket.

    Q≠35. What is the purpose of write protect notch?
    If write protect notch is opened , data cannot be entered on the disc and no alternation can be done in the previous data. If it is sealed data can be entered on the disc and alternation can also be done.

    Q≠36.Write down two main functions of CD?
    (i) CD can store computer data
    (ii) CD can store movies which can be displayed on the computer or TV screen.
    Q≠37. What is a hard disc?
    It is made of aluminium and is not flexible . It is installed inside the system unit .It stores information which can be read and written.

    Q≠38. What is the purpose of keeping hard disc in a closed jacket?
    To keep in a closed jacket is to avoid exterior pollution.

    Q≠39.What is the difference between hard disc and floppy disc?
    Floppy disc has short storage capacity of about 1.44Mb and hard disc has higher speed and larger capacity as compared to floppy disc.

    Q≠40. What is meant by data managing?
    To collect information for a special purpose and to store in a computer in the form of a file , which may help at times when needed is called data managing.

    Q≠41. What is word processing?
    To type something by computer key board , to correct , to arrange, to amend the document , to add and delete the written portion when required is called word processing.

    Q≠42. What is graphic designing?
    The process to draw a required line and pictures on the computer screen using mouse or keyboard is called graphic designing.

    Q≠43. What is meant by CAD?
    CAD means computer aided designing.

    Q≠44 What is electronic banking?.
    We can find our bank balance from the bank on phone .We can pay our all kinds of bills and transfer our funds from our personal identification number and bank computer will then provide us all required information. Now-a-days with the help of ATM machine we can draw money at any time we want .This is modern electronic banking.
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    physics objective notes for class 10th Information Technology

    hi friendscan anyone suggest me some Physics Project for Class XII . some one my friends suggest me project on refraction and reflection but I am not satisfied. please post me some good Physics Project Report for Class 12th.Thanks Himanshi

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