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Guesspaper Computer Science 10th Federal Board 2009

This is a discussion on Guesspaper Computer Science 10th Federal Board 2009 within the 10th forums, part of the Classes category; Class 9th,10th Federal Board 2009 Paper:Computer Science (Objective Type) Time Allowed: Max.Marks: Note: Use this paper to write the answers ...

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    Arrow Guesspaper Computer Science 10th Federal Board 2009

    Class 9th,10th Federal Board 2009
    Paper:Computer Science (Objective Type) Time Allowed: Max.Marks:

    Note:Use this paper to write the answers to the objective questions.No marks will be awarded for cutting,over-writing or using a pencil.This paper must be tagged with the answer-book.

    1.a- Insert the correct option.
    (i) Language processors are the example of:
    (a) Application software (b) Firmware
    (c) System software (d) Shareware
    (ii) What is a port that provides a connection for transmitting data one bit a time called?
    (a) Parallel port (b) Serial port
    (c) Expansion port (d) USB port
    (iii) An ink-jet printer is an example of:
    (a) Impact printer (b) LCD printer
    (c) Non-impact printer (d) Laser printer
    (iv) In hard disk, the time required to position the access arm over a particular track is known as:
    (a) Data transfer time (b) Seek time
    (c) Rotational time (d) Access time
    (v) What is the organized form of data known as?
    (a) Datum (b) Processing
    (c) Information, (d) Strings
    (vi) In Boolean algebra OR operation is also called logical:
    (a) Subtraction (b) Plagiarism
    (c) Multiplication (d) Division
    (vii) What is making illegal copies of copyrighted software called ?
    (a) Software copying (b) Plagiraism
    (c) Software piracy (d) e-fraud
    (viii) In windows, where is start Button location?
    (a) On taskbar (b) On toolbar
    (c) On status bar (d) On main menu bar
    (ix) In programming. what is the process of detecting location and correction error called?
    (a) Linking (b) Compiling
    (c) Translating (d) Debugging
    (x) What do we call the errrors that are automatically detected by the language processors?
    (a) Execution (b) Syntax errors
    (c) Run time errors (d) Logical errors
    (xi) In BASIC language, what is the command used to delete a file form hard disk?
    (a) DEL (b) ERASE
    (c) KILL (d) REMOVE
    (xii) What do we call a collection of variable of a certain type, placed contiguously in computer's memory?
    (a) A variable (b) A constant
    (c) A block (d) An array
    (xiii) The number of dots on the monitor screen determines the of the screen.
    (a) PIxel rate (b) Dot pitch
    (c) Bit Map (d) Resolution
    (xiv) In Microsoft word package, transferring text to another location without deleting it form its origin is called:
    (a) Move-paste (b) Shift-paste
    (c) copy-paste (d) Cut-paste
    2- Attempt any THIRTEEN parts. (13x3=39)

    (i)a- Explain, why a high level language code is translated to machine code?
    b- State one different between an interpreter and compiler.
    (ii) Name the ports which can be used to connect the following devices to the computer system.
    (a) Mouse (b) Printer (c) Keyboard (d) Modem (e) Flash memory (f) Digital camera
    (iii)a- Why are RAMs used in computers?
    b- How are DIMMs better than SiMMs? give two reasons.
    (iv)a- Why do computer understand binary number system language directly?
    b- What is the name given to this language ?
    (v) The use of computers of works of is thought to be linked to some-risks to health.Suggest three such risks and the ways to reduce them.
    (vi) State three benifits of storing an encyclopaedia on CD-ROMs rather thanin floppy disks or hard disks.
    (vii) "Information is called the processed or manipulated form of Data."Give one example in which some data is collected, processed and converted to information.
    (viii) Do the following conversions:
    a. (110011)2 to (?)10 b. (3517)10 to (?) 16 c. (ABC)16 to (?)8
    (ix) Subtract (10011)2 from (111001)2 using 2's complement.
    (x) Simplify the following Boolean functions using F=A.B.C"+ A.B.C".
    (ix) Write the purpose of the following DOS commands with one example each.
    (a) CHKDSK (b) FORMAT (c) XCOPY
    (xii)a- How is a deleted item restored from Recycle bin?
    b- How is toolbar added to windows taskbar?
    c- How is block of text printed in MS-word?
    (xiii) Read this algorithm:
    1- Total=0
    2- INPUT NUM
    Dry run the algorithm using the following data as input :--> 5,2,3,4,5,6
    a- Write down the final value of the variable TOTAL
    b- Write down the value of output produced.
    What is the purpose of line 5?
    (xiv) Read the following program code.
    10 CLS
    20 FOR A=1 TO STEP 2
    30 PRINT,
    40 NEXT A
    50 END
    a- Convert it using WHILE-WEND looping structure.
    b- write the output produced.
    (xv) Write the output of the following program code:
    10 PRINT ABS (-4)
    20 PRING CINT (2.7)
    40 PRINT SGN (-5)
    60 PRINT FIX 37.5965)
    (XVI) Write program code in basic language for the following flow chart:

    (xvii) Write a Basic language program to calculate and print the area of a circul by using user - defined function. The formula used to find the area is: Area=(radius)2 where r = 3.1415
    NOTE: Attempt any three questions. (3x7=21)
    3- What is a subprogram? Explain different types of subprograms in BASAIC language by discussing the statement used by them. Also give one example of each.
    4- What is a file? State three difference between sequentail and random access files. How are these two types of files opened in BASIC language?
    Give one example of each for opening the file.
    5- Write a BASIC language program to read 15 names in an array. Sort the names in alphabetic order and print the output.
    6- The rapid development of electronic computers has brought a revolution inthis field. The history of computer is divided into
    five generations. Discuss the major developments in any three generations giving 5 to 7 points for each.


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    Re: Guesspaper Computer Science 10th Federal Board 2009

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